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Interesting Post-Peak article

An interesting article that canvasses a wide range of post-peak views, from Transition USA to Life after the Oil Crash. Amidst all the gloom this quot amde me laugh:

These people must reprioritize their value systems now and quit “waddling through Wal-Mart.”

I can see myself in that mirror – it’s time to really question what we’re buying, and why, and how we’d survive without it.

And then start doing without it now.


Aquaponics Update

Sorry, haven’t been posting much recently – have been sorting out our new house . . . due to move in in a few weeks – working hard – and I’ve been planning out our Aquaponics system.

It’s one of the first things that’s going up at our new house so I’ve been busily over-planning every detail. It’s looking pretty impressive now – go and have a look at the latest version of our Aquaponic Polytunnel over at Garden Aquaponics.

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