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The secret of happiness

Now that’s a pompous title to a post. I doubt anyone can ever really claim to have found the one secret to happiness, however there was a nice article on happiness over at Mother Jones today. I particularly liked the “10 techniques to help you get happier”:

  • Meet up with a friend that you haven’t seen for a while
  • Watch a funny film or tv show
  • Exercise 30 minutes three times a week
  • Cut your tv viewing in half (but not the funny stuff?)
  • Buy experiences not goods: go to a concert, movie, unusual place, or strange restaurant.
  • Create novel challenges by starting a hobby, joining an organization, learning a skill
  • Go for a 20 minute walk in the sun
  • Spend 10 minutes listening to relaxing or uplifting music
  • Stroke a dog (cat?)
  • Stop watching and reading the news

It’s all to easy to focus solely on the physical things we have to do – the garden, the house, etc – and to miss out on thinking about the mental and emotional challenges that we face. And none of those have to cost a lot of money – perfect in this post-crash world.


Benefits of Descent: More doesn’t equal Better

This is a fascinating, challenging article by Bill McKibben that does make me feel a lot better about the challenges facing us, and our children, in a world with less available energy:

I’m not entirely sure I fancy a return to a “Little House on the Prairie” lifestyle, but there are some really good points about us having over-shot the point where increasing growth is making us happier. As someone who is enjoying using Freecycle to declutter our house ready for our relocation, this really suits my current mood. We’ve only been here almost 9 years, but we’ve collected a huge amount of stuff. It makes me realise we really need to pause – stop and rethink – everytime we pull out a credit card. Going to keep that thought in my mind as we start to fill our new house with stuff!

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