Building compost bins – from pallets

Slowly I’m catching up with all the fun things we’ve been up to this year. Back in August the old plastic compost bin we inherited with the house finally started to collapse, leaving us with a leaning-tower-of-compost. Compost is such crucial food for our depleted soil we decided that a serious solution was in order. I’d heard about people building compost bins out of pallets, so we gave it a go, with the help of this “How to build a compost bin from pallets” tutorial from Gardeners World, and the left-over Aquaponic gravel pallets.

I’ve hacked space for them out of the 2m-thick evergreen hedge at the bottom of the garden, behind the polytunnel. and made two at once. It was a pretty easy one-person job:

They’ve been great – we have one-and-a-half full, so nw we’re just waiting to see how the first lot turns out. I already have plans to add a third!


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  1. I’ve got three of these set up next to each other, which makes the job of turning the compost much easier.

    I fill bay #1 with weeds, clippings, manures, etc – just continually chuck more stuff in as it’s available. I keep it covered with a tarp to preserve moisture. Once bay #1 is completely full, I take out the pallet between #1 and #2 and fork everything over into #2. I try to get the outside material from #1 to the inside in #2, and wet everything as I go.

    Now I can start filling #1 again, while #2 brews away happily.

    Once #1 is full again, I fork the stuff from #2 into #3, then from #1 into #2. At the rate I accumulate compostable material, the pile that was in #2 is usually fairly broken down by this stage. But turning it and wetting it gets it going again in bay #3.

    By the time #1 is full again, #3 is pretty much ready to use. So I cart it away, fork #2 to #3, #1 to #2, and the cycle repeats.

    I’m thinking of adding a bay #4 to store the finished compost, so I have a supply ready to go at all times.

    Also, it helps if the bays run slightly downhill with #1 at the top – that makes the work of moving it easier!


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