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Our Carbon Footprint – June

Now we’re into Summer, our Carbon Footprint results are well overdue:

Our Energy Consumption: 2559 kWh

Our Carbon Footprint: 648 kg of CO2

And, as we’re still with Good Energy, who only supply electricity from renewable sources,  we can remove electricity from our carbon footprint:

Our carbon footprint with 100% renewable electricity: 550 kg

So there we go – going down, albeit affected by the driving from our recent holiday. We need to work on getting the gas down further though.


How much energy does your car use?

As part of our Energy Descent Plan we’re trying to progressively reduce our energy consumption – fuel for the car, electricity and gas in the house. This’ll save us significant money but also will reduce our carbon footprint and dependance on Fossil Fuels.

The first thing is to work out how much energy we’re using, and to that end we’ve started measuring it monthly. We’ve just finished the second month of monitoring our car usage, although they have been two crazy months (due to moving in to the eco-house) so the results may not be typical of our normal lifestyle. We’re converting all our energy use to kWh/day so that we can compare fuel/electricity/gas on an equal basis:

Month Miles MPG Litres Used kWh kWh/day
June 429 46 42.4 454 15.12
July 423 47.2 40.74 436 14.06

So we’ve already seen a significant drop in our daily energy consumption from the car 😀

I’d have to say that is a bit of a fluke – we haven’t tried particularly hard to reduce our consumption yet. It’ll be interesting to see how our consumption changes as we settle into our new routines here.

As it’s the first of the month I’ve just taken the first Gas and Electric readings in the eco-house so we can work out our standard consumption for those next month too – it’ll be interesting reading and will give us a base to measure our changes.

One of the first learning  points from this is that if we had a plug-in electric car we’d have to have at least 15 kWp of solar panels installed – that is a LOT of solar panels. It makes you realise how big an impact the car has on our energy consumption.

Signs: “household fuel bills soar again”

More energy companies increasing bills – The Guardian are saying that for the average customer, annual bills are £1,211-£1,328 a year, 5.4 million people are paying more than 10% of their income just for energy.

I love the comment from uSwitch:

Ann Robinson,’s director of consumer policy, said soaring bills posed “a huge threat” to standards of living. “Gas and electricity are essential commodities which have now become a luxury many cannot afford. The government needs to provide a strategic, regulatory, environment to ensure the lights stay on at an affordable price.”

Sounds like nationalisation would be a great idea – although then there’d be no need for price comparison websites like uSwitch!

This quote is clear and sensible, as long as you don’t have a peak-oil view of the world, as once you do you realise the challenges inherent with trying to reduce the cost of an increasingly scarce resource. Face it – bills are going to keep going up – gas, electricity, petrol/diesel, water. What we (and the government) can do is work out how we can live with those increasing bills – not waste time trying to turn back the tide.

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