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Interesting Post-Peak article

An interesting article that canvasses a wide range of post-peak views, from Transition USA to Life after the Oil Crash. Amidst all the gloom this quot amde me laugh:

These people must reprioritize their value systems now and quit “waddling through Wal-Mart.”

I can see myself in that mirror – it’s time to really question what we’re buying, and why, and how we’d survive without it.

And then start doing without it now.


What is the Good Life?

In the middle of this dire economic crash, with peak-oil and climate change suggesting that the “best” is now behind us and that a long, slow (or short, quick) decline is what we face, a wonderful movement is being reborn. It shoots can be seen everywhere – in the flowering of Transition Towns across Britain, in the ever-growing waiting lists for allotments that were unwanted just a few years ago, local farmer’s markets sprouting in every town centre, and proposals for 2,012 gardens clinging to London’s rooves. It’s even discussed in the Guardian’s forecasts for 2009. Whatever your particular name for it, it seems that we are being shocked out of our ongoing “Greed is Good” mentality to ” The Good Life is Better”.

But what is this Good Life? I suspect everybody has their own. It depends on what has brought you to this point: increasing prices for petrol, gas, electricity and food? unemployment or financial uncertainty? unease at the origin and safety of your family’s food? concern over your environmental footprint? or a belief in the impending energy shortages that peak oil will bring? Whatever your overall direction or philosophy, frugality, self-sufficiency, and the rediscovery of community seem to be some common themes.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by all of this, but when it all gets a little too interesting I like to take a step back and think “Isn’t this one of the most exciting times to be alive – to have a chance to shape a future for our children at this pivotal period in our history.”

Bring on an interesting year decade …

Background: The End of Suburbia Video

A great video introduction to the post peak-oil future facing America. A little out of date now (as everything is, with this speed of change), but a really good look at the future that faces the American Dream. This is just the cut down version – the full version is available from

Watch it, show it to your friends, get moving.

Interview with Transition Towns’ Rob Hopkins

 A great interview with Rob Hopkins, the international face of the Transition movement, and author of The Transition Handbook.

Buy the book, and get a move on.

Transition: Lewes Pound launched by Mayor of Lewes

The new Lewes Pound

The new Lewes Pound has just been officially launched by the Mayor of Lewes in front of an audience of over 450 people. Speakers included Rob Hopkins from Transition Totnes and Polly Toynbee from the Guardian. I’m a little ambivalent about the long-term impact of local currencies, but their introductory paragraph gives a good feel for the reasons they are important to the transition movement:

The Lewes Pound is a creative yet practical way for local people to make money work for Lewes. Money spent locally circulates within, and benefits the local economy. Money spent in national chains doesn’t. The Lewes Pound encourages demand for local goods and services. In turn this builds resilience to the rising costs of energy, transport and food.

This is really big step for Transition Lewes – they have over seventy traders accepting it already, and some starting to put up special offers for those paying in Lewes Pounds (effectively starting to create an exchange rate).  It’ll be interesting to see how it goes from here!

Transition: Barclays to issue Lewes Pound

In a fascinating twist the new Lewes Pound will be available at Barclays Bank – from the site of the Lewes Old Bank which backed the original Lewes Pound in 1895!

This does seem to add new credibility to the Transition Towns movement and it’ll be interesting to watch their success. More details on the curreny can be found at the Transition Towns Lewes pages.

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