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Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture & Aquaculture

I’ve been interested in permaculture for years but this is one of the best examples of cold-climate permaculture I’ve ever seen – really clever integration, in an incredibly difficult climate. If they can do it on an Austrian mountainside we should be able to do something here in Manchester.


How much food can you grow around your house?

Another great interview from Peak Moment TV. One woman’s experiment to see how much food she could grow from her own garden. She has bees, chickens and rainwater harvesting – it’s an inspiring video – take half an hour to watch, or at least listen, to one person’s view on sustainability and resilience – and the fun she has.

How much food would you like to grow?

If you’re serious about growing your own food, you need to look at Growing Power in Milwaukee. Here are the headlines:

  • Three acres
  • 450,ooo kg of food a year
  • 10,000 fish

Show me a non-aquaponic system that can produce that! Take 5 minutes of your life and look at a non-profit doing something amazing:

Our Woodburning Rocket Stove

Rocket stoves are an incredibly efficient way to burn wood – they burn hot enough that they burn both the wood, and the gases it emits. While people do build them into their houses, I was looking for a simple one for outside for occasional and emergency use. You can build your own, and lots of people do (just google Rocket Stove plans), but I’d had a good one recommended to me, so with Christmas coming up I crossed my fingers and hoped Santa had got my note . . .

Luckily the post did get through, and soon I was happily unwrapping a Stovetec Rocket Stove from Wild Stoves. Rather than try and describe it myself, here is a video review of one in action:

Understanding Peak Oil video presentation

Just another quickie – a really good video from Post-Peak Living. This is a great introduction to peak oil, so if you know someone who doesn’t yet understand the issues, send them this link. It’s U.S. based, but is still good – I liked a couple of the points particularly:

People lived well before oil, and people can live well after it.

Life is going to get very local, very quickly.

Worth remembering!

Creating a home greywater system

Just a quick pointer to a video from Peak Moment that I’ve posted over at le Jardin Potager looking at building a greywater system to reuse our waste water for watering the garden. This is a nice system, not too energy intensive and very food-focussed. To view the post go here: Creating a home greywater system.

Background: The End of Suburbia Video

A great video introduction to the post peak-oil future facing America. A little out of date now (as everything is, with this speed of change), but a really good look at the future that faces the American Dream. This is just the cut down version – the full version is available from

Watch it, show it to your friends, get moving.

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