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Amazing pallet-based inspirational projects

At the risk of becoming seriously eccentric, here is another post on building with pallets.  This site has an amazing range of projects built with pallets – from some that clearly need to be hidden, to some that need to be shouted from the (pallet-built) rooftops.

I love this shed (found halfway down the page):

Amazing Pallet Shed

And some of the wood sheds are giving me ideas . . . .



Building with pallets

I keep seeing so many pallets floating around that I ended up doing a quick search for what to do with them – and there are some great people out there doing some amazing stuff. Surely they must be the perfect down-shifted building material?

I’ve been inspired to come up with our own project, which I’ll tell you more about as soon as I’ve got the plans sorted. In the meantime, how about this for an inspirational thing to do – a fast-build emergency or semi-permanent house where the entire structure is made from pallets.

I love the whole thing, but particularly the furniture and the sleeping deck!

Homebuilding & Renovating Show

logohbr1Now that we’re on-the-ground, having finally made the move back from Australia, I’ll try and write more about what we’re up to, rather than continually thinking about the future. We’ve been around and about looking for our ideal house and it seems that with our constrained budget we’ll be looking for a wreck that needs demolishing a thorough renovation and an extension. With that in mind, we’re off to the National Homebuilding and Renovating Show in Birmingham this weekend.

There seems to be everything we’re after – in particular I’m interested in the The Eco Homes Show section, and there are a bunch of great seminars. I’ll blog what we find out next week – hopefully there’ll be alot of great info and advice. It’ll be interesting to see how wedded to business-as-usual the show is . . .

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