Get rid of your Tumble Dryer

Rotaire Dryline

Rotaire Dryline

Tumble Driers are a contentious item in the UK green movement – just look at all the debate raging over at Bean Sprouts. And the fact is, that if you don’t have one, but dry inside on radiators, then you’re still going to be using a lot of extra energy to dry your clothes – have a look at the figures here. Now most of the time drying outside in the UK is an impossibility – it’s rainy or even just generally damp. So a bright spark has come up with the wonderful device in the picture – it’s a waterproof cover for a rotary airer. It means that your clothes will dry even on a damp Manchester day – the nets down the side allow the wind through, but prevent the rain being blown onto the clothes.  I’ll certainly try one of these rather than buying a tumble dryer (how the hell would I power a tumble dryer with my Post-Peak-Oil Solar PV 🙂  anyway).

You can get them online from Rotaire from £30.


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  1. Posted by fran victory on March 18, 2009 at 11:57 am

    Yes, I have been using a Dryline from Rotaire for two years now, and it has meant that the house is no longer festooned with washing, sucking heat out of the house and replacing it with damp. I was dubious at first, but now even in winter the washing goes out on the Dryline and stays ther euntil it is dry. Sometimes I have to take it indoors for an hour or so – that’s all. I used to have a Sheila made indoor rack, but this is better because it gets the washing outside, and it comes in fresh.


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