Preparation: Waste disposal post-peak-oil

An interesting post on The Oil Drum has got me thinking that, in addition to needing to be warm and fed, we need to work out how we’re going to avoid drowning in our own waste. Seems to me that weekly rubbish collections will be a service that will rapidly become uneconomic for councils to provide, and that sewage treatment may not be far behind. So what do we do?

First off I think we should look at this problem from the other side – any “waste” leaving our system (house & garden) represents a loss of energy, and in an energy-poor world that will be hard to take.  So lets see a lack of collection as an opportunity to ensure as little of our hard-won energy is lost.

I’ll have a look at how we can recycle as much of our waste on site, to ensure that we loose as little energy as possible – I’ll see what i can find about composting, and even compost toilets & “humanure” to see what preparations we can make without appearing to be complete nutters!


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